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4 Reasons Why You Should Watch MTV's 'White People' Documentary

The new documentary that has everyone talking is MTV's 'White People.' The film is anchored by Jose Antonio Vargas — a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker whose work centers on the changing American identity. While many critics pounced on the notion of such a documentary, it proves to be a very well-thought out piece that does not focus on shaming White Americans but instead, engages them where they are on the topic of race.

The film pulls you right in from the start when Vargas shares,

    "We talk about race in this country — A LOT. But we don't include you in the conversation. It's only us (pointing to his ethnic skin color). We talk, usually about you, about white people. I'm interested in how you feel."

While initial reports of the unseen film were negative, mostly focusing on the perception that it would usher in a feeling of "white guilt,' it does the opposite by respectfully engaging white people in a dialogue about their life experiences.

By Luke Alderton at 24 Jul 2015, 16:30 PM



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