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The five new rules of work (connectedness will be critical)

I shared with business leaders this morning how I (and others) see workplaces shifting and evolving. For some it will feel more like a revolution than an evolution.

    Teams will be brought together – who may never meet… working anywhere on the planet.
    People will work concurrently for several and many employers.
    People will want to work part time, and flexibly as we live longer and want to stay meaningfully employed.
    Supervisors might not see or be present when team members do amazing work.

Yet what we know is that customers are demanding increasing transparency and authenticity from the organisations they choose to buy from.

So the challenge has become “how do I keep employees as brand advocates, connected to each other when physically they will be disconnected?”

As in most organisations, performance reviews are part and parcel of reflecting on the year that has been, along with looking forward into the next financial year. The challenge with performance reviews is that we tend to look at things in terms of past and future – they are definitely not enough to ensure that people feel connected.

How we got started at RedBalloon in connecting the team was working with the five pillars of well-being as set out by the New Economic Forum. I believed that if I look after my people’s well being, they will have the energy and capacity to look after our customers. (My presentation this morning was in part about how organisations participating in the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Steptember tick four of the five elements of well-being: connection, fitness, recognition and giving.) And I wholeheartedly encourage businesses to take up this wonderful initiative. Easy to do – and a great step (pardon the pun) towards connecting people – and supporting a great cause at the same time.)  But I digress.

I was fascinated and curious of how, using technology, that we at RedBalloon could build a platform that would connect people, build employer brands, be mobile, peer to peer and social. Harnessing everything that these changes in workplaces represents… and finally and with a certain fanfare… our customers have given voice to this dream:

At redii, we believe it is so important to reflect on the present. In that moment of success, in that moment of someone doing a good job (small or large scale) – it is so important to recognise that person and demonstrate to your entire team that they are valued and their work is a solid contribution to the business. This of course will have a positive effect on morale, but in turn financial success. After all, your people are your greatest asset.

In Ross Perlin’s article in Fast Company last week, he challenges us to place aside everything we know about work  – as the rules have changed. And I couldn’t agree more. My number 1 observation in this changing face of workplaces, is that peer-to-peer recognition is going to be a game changer. There is no stopping this momentum in my eyes.

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