Magical Tips for ”Bridal Meditation”

• FirstThing First (FTF): Do Meditation, the first thing when you wake up. Finding time

could be a challenge with so many people around and activities going on. Do some Meditation as soon as you wake up. That way you will have a sure-shot healthy doze to begin your day with a clearer mind. he time invested in Meditation will be the best investment for your mood, smile, attitude, temperament and energy.

• Keep It Simple Smarty (KISS): Keep Meditation practice as simple as possible. If everything is going on as per your wishes, such as the partner is of your liking etc, then you want to do Meditation more or less like a healthy prevention rather than dealing all your life’s problems right away or worrying about attaining enlightenment now. The objective of Meditation practice should keep you as much stress-free as possible so that you can be glowing naturally from your inside.

• Safe Than Sorry (STS): Go deeper in Meditation if needed. If something is really bothering you, it might come out during Meditation. Sometimes deep down you might not be ready to take the plunge, or you might be rushed into it unwillingly, or you are not sure about the partner you are about to commit. Meditation can really help you in identifying and isolating the real issue in the midst of natural scariness
of such a big decision of your life. If this is the case, better to confront it at the earliest possible and communicate with people you feel comfortable with sharing. People who truly loves you, will surely do something in terms of either getting you more information, clarification, or whatever help you need at this critical juncture of your life.

• Just Do It (JDI): If everything is topsy-turvy at the wedding location, feel free to do Meditation right in your bed itself. Detach yourself from the ideal setting of your pretty yoga-mat, tranquil music, the intoxicating incense, invigorating candles etc. Just do it. Whenever you find time and wherever you are, whether sitting on any piece of furniture or surrounded by loud noises.

Have fun, no matter what. Let nothing stop you. Let Meditation be the hidden secret of your
winning the hearts of all your guests and the most special addition in your life, your new life-partner.

 BY: Manu Rajvanshi Anvention Meditation

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